kids3A baby’s health and over all physical development depends on his/her sense of feeling secure. At Precious Moments every infant activities is filled with lots of cuddling and affection, our infant program includes plenty of discovery learning, social interaction and sensory stimulation. Our experienced teaching staffs are experts in providing a warm and loving environment for your baby to thrive. Our teachers sing, talk, hold and snuggle the infants and give constant care parents expect.

We include activities that will provide the baby’s the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Each baby’s day is spent according to his/her own personal schedule, so that individual needs are met right away. Since our infant groups are small there is plenty of one on one interaction.

Our infant Daily Activity Report will provide you information on your child’s care during the entire day, with feeding, sleeping, diaper changes and how your baby is experiencing his/her surroundings. It will also keep you informed how your baby is developing new skills.

Keeping you baby healthy is our main priority. We enforce strict guidelines for cleanliness in all our classrooms. Infant toys and play mats are sanitized throughout the day. Disposable gloves are used during diaper change and disposed in plastic bags. Cribs are not shared every infant has her/his own crib.

Following are some of the things you will see in our Infant Classroom: Lots of smiles and hugs Moving to music Giggles and belly laughs Lots of snuggling and cuddles Learning to crawl, balance, stand or walk. Babies learning to use their bodies. Teachers singing and reading books Lots of personal attention.