kids2Our toddler program will provide opportunities for your child to learn through experience. We encourage language development by talking with the toddler’s, naming objects, describing events, reflecting on feelings and helping them find the words to express themselves.

As these little ones try new things, our teachers are close by providing plenty of praise and encouragements. Our toddler day is balanced between small group activities and independent exploration. Everyday, weather permitting; young toddlers enjoy the outdoors in the playground.

We provide healthy snacks and fruit juice in the morning and afternoon, lunch is served at 11:30 am and afternoon nap time is at 12:30 pm. Children are assigned their own personal sleeping mat.

We communicate our daily activities on a “Daily Activity Report” that will give you the complete information about your child’s day.

Following are some of the things you will see in our Young Toddler Room: IMG_0445Dancing Talking Laughing Singing songs Hugging a teacher Sharing stories Building Blocks Finger painting Exploring Making friends and having lots of fun.